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Dockside Place

15-33 Sleeper Street Boston, MA 02210

The creation of the Dockside Place condominiums (Sleeper Street Lofts) was through the rehabilitation of several turn-of-the-century structures at Boston Wharf, one of the oldest and most colorful commercial districts in the city. The northernmost building (33 Sleeper Street) contains an atrium that rises to the full height of the structure. Indoor gardens and balconies are partially lit by the massive light shaft that has been carved out of the old brick walls, walls that recall the days when Boston Wharf was at the very center of New England's mercantile trade. Access to the upper floors is by a glass walled elevator, and at each level, there is a balcony that looks down into the atrium. The southernmost structure (15 Sleeper Street) is smaller and has an intimate two-story lobby with a garden. Both of these superb public spaces offer exposed brick walls, heavy timbers and beams as well as a blending of new materials that include glass, wood, brick, and carpeting. The two buildings are separated from each other by an entrance courtyard and parking area. The Condominium lofts at Dockside Place offer one of the region's most exciting ownership opportunities within Boston's newest waterfront residential area.
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15-33 Sleeper Street Boston, MA 02210
Price Range: $400,000 - $975,000
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Hood:  Seaport District
Units:  88
Built:   Sales: flat fee mls
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